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Poultry supplements (bioist 500)

About This Project

About this project

Construction license: 12112711244 from Khorasan Razavi General Veterinary Office
Natural poultry supplement
Bioost 500 is formulated from enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast that has good sources for growth and bird safety. Hydrolyzed yeast by releasing intracellular contents and vitamins, and active ingredients can regulate bird physiology and on the other hand mannan and cell wall polysaccharide compounds are effective in increasing bird immunity. Hydrolyzed yeast contains a good amount of B vitamins.
Hydrolyzed yeast contains minerals especially chromium, phosphorus and selenium. One of the valuable ingredients of beta-glucan and mannan is oligosaccharide, which is very effective as an antioxidant in strengthening the immune system and also as a binder toxin.
Stress as an effective factor in changes in the microbial flora of poultry intestine has a great impact on the economic damage of this sector that the use of yeast cell wall can play a significant role in reducing stress that has been reported in various studies.
Yeast cell wall is also used as a natural binder toxin with nutritional effects in reducing gastrointestinal infections.
Approved uses of yeast cell wall and hydrolyzed yeast in poultry.
Development of intestinal villi and increase the level of absorption of dietary nutrients
Resistance to pathogens by increasing the level of the immune system as well as increasing the level of immunoglobulins
Increasing the enzyme and metabolic activities of the gastrointestinal tract by creating conditions for the function of enzymes in the presence of cofactors and hydrolyzed yeast coenzymes.
Decreasing the feed conversion ratio in a breeding period by increasing the absorption of active substances by the intestine and increasing intracellular metabolism in poultry.
Improving poultry behavior during environmental stress
Increase the uniformity of poultry weight in the herd as well as weight loss in critical conditions
Increase spawning time in birds 10-12%
Increasing the weight of the average egg produced
Reduction of mortality due to viral and bacterial diseases
Weight gain in broiler diet
Natural and nutritious toxin binder
All of these can, in addition to reducing costs by not using antibiotics, reduce disease and mortality, reduce conversion rates and reduce feed intake, and more to produce a safe protein product.


2019 october 25


Livestock, poultry and aquatic supplements