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Molecular biology section

This section offers various services with software and hardware facilities. In this section, the diversity of animal meat in a variety of food products is identified using PCR. Also, the identification of bacteria in food products is another capability of this section to track the types of bacteria or to determine and identify them. In this section, different types of tuna and non-tuna fish are identified using specific primers as well as various PCR methods.


 Setting up GMO detection using standard primers as well as new primers is another activity of this department.

Educational services :
1. Primer design
2. Training in PCR methods
3- Carrying out research projects
4- Performing diagnostic services for different types of tuna  fish and also checking GMO food and grains

List a number of diagnostic tests of different organisms in food using PCR methods
1 Campylobacter (common)
2 Escherichia coli (common)
3 Mycoplasma (common)

4 Listeria (generic)
5 Listeria monocytogenes

6 Listeria seeligeri
7 Listeria innocua
8 Bacillus cereus
9 Staphylococcus (common)
10 Staphylococcus aureus
11 Salmonella (common)
12 Yersinia (General)
13 Clostridium perfringnes
14 Clostridium septicum
15 Aspergillus
16 pencilium
17 Sheep (General)
18 Cats (General)
19 Horse (General)
20 Equus asinus
21 pig
22 Dogs (General)
23  cow
24 هوdeer

25 Cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys,…Ruminant
26 poultry
27 Pork
28 Chicken
29 Turkey
30 ostrich