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Collagen Cream

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Collagen cream
Collagen is the most abundant protein that makes up much of the original structure of skin. Collagen cause strengthens flexibility and resilience of the skin. Aging, chemical, air pollution, direct sunlight can damage and effect on skin collagen. Therefore proper skin collagen nutrition and treatment are most powerful help for healthy skin. Collagen can help repair environmentally damaged collagen and reduce aging of skin. Continuously provides moisture and nutrition to the skin while sleeping overnight.
Increases collagen and cellular absorption of nutrients, restores skin elasticity.
Proven for tissue repair, skin hydration.
Proven anti-wrinkle component.
Elimination of darkness and puffiness under the eyes due to the gradual increase in the volume of collagen.
Anti-sagging soft effect
How to use:
For more positive effects of collagen cream, suggest using before bed or at rest on skin. Apply the cream on clean skin and spread on the skin until completely absorb. For dry skin it is better to apply the cream with skin massage and in oily skin after applying the cream, spread by finger.
Store under 30oC and less direct light.


سپتامبر 05, 2022