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Microbiology section

In this section, bacteria, fungi and yeasts are identified using different microbiological methods.
These methods include the use of specific media and types of reagents, antibiogram, application of different culture methods, serological identification and also the use of molecular biological techniques. In this department, preparation and standardization of bacterial strains and industrial bacteria are performed.
The following bacteria are identified by microbial and molecular methods.
1 Campylobacter
2 Escherichia coli
3 Mycoplasma
4 Listeria
5 Listeria monocytogenes
6 Listeria seeligeri
7 Listeria innocua
8 Bacillus cereus
9 Staphylococcus
10 Staphylococcus aureus
11 Salmonella
12 Yersinia
13 Clostridium perfringnes
14 Aspergillus
15 penicillium